Wednesday, 6 April 2011




yam ice cream
 ingredients a:
2 egg yolk
100g caster sugar

ingredients b:
200g yam puree

ingredients c:
150g dairy whipping cream

ingredients d:
300g non dairy whipping cream
purple colouring.

1. Beat a until well mixed. Add in mashed yam,dairy whipping cream and double boil until the mixture is thick.
2. Strain and  leave to cool.
3.Whisk non dairy whipping cream until soft peak is formed.Add in all ingredients and stir well. Pour mixture into a container and put into freezer for overnight.

Dragon fruit ice cream
ingredients a:
100g brown sugar
50g honey
250g dragon fruit puree
1/2 lemon juice
ingredients b:
250g non dairy whipping cream

1. Put ingredients a into a saucepan, stir and bring to boil at low heat until slightly thick. Remove from heat and leave to cool.
2.Whisk non dairy whipping cream until stiff. Add in dragon fruit mixture and stir well.
3. Pour ice cream mixture into container and freeze overnight or until firm.


  1. i want i child like it too.....pls give me the receipe.....pls....txs!!!

  2. Angel:
    Recipe post out oledi, hope u like this..